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Titan Top Dress Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner.


Alginate is present in Seaweed Meal at levels of between 16% and 26%. Microbial population size has been found to increase dramatically in the presence of alginate gels. This is why seaweed meals are also excellent compost activators: the rate of composting is increased by the resulting increased microbial activity. It is well documented that soil health and associated plant growth is directly proportional to the presence or absence of soil microbes. Alginates also absorb large volumes of water thus increasing the moisture in the soil.

Plant Hormones

Also present in Seaweed Meal is a range of plant hormones and biochemical compounds. Cytokinin activity in the application of Ascophyllum nodosum extracts was shown to significantly increase the crude protein content in grass. Cytokinins are also known to stabilise leaf proteins and retard their degradation. In the same trial Cytokinins were shown to stabilise chlorophyll pigment in limes (Blunden, 1977). An aqueous seaweed extract applied to King Edward potatoes in parallel with a synthetic Cytokinin compound was shown to increase the potato yield significantly (Blunden et al, 1977). Betaines were shown to contribute to higher leaf chlorophyll content in a French bean plant trials. (Blunden et al, 1996).

Major attributes

  • Suitable content of nitrogen & potassium, but lower in phosphorous than traditional manures and the typical NPK ratios in chemical fertilizers.
  • Large amount of insoluble carbohydrates in Ascophyllum nodosum acts as soil conditioners (improves aeration & soil structure, especially in clay soils).
  • Good moisture retention properties.
  • Powdered Ascophyllum nodosum may be composted for 11-12 days and may be easily stored. This may be added to water and sprayed on steep slopes (which are difficult to compost) which may lose soil by water run-off. The composted seaweed sticks to the slopes and holds any soil in place; it also retains enough moisture to allow seeds to germinate.
  • Composted Ascophyllum nodosum may be used after the construction of roads.
  • Apply to fruit, vegetables and flower crops for
         1. Increased yield.
         2. Improved soil germination.
         3. Increased uptake of soil nutrients.
         4. Increased resistance to pests/insects.
         5. Resistance to frost.
  • 100% organic.
  • Titan Top Dress is organic granular seaweed used to condition soils prior to planting and as a top dressing to established plants and turf. As Titan Top Dress breaks down it gently releases nutrients. Alginates, which are unique to seaweeds act to improve the structure of clay soils whilst increasing the water holding capacity of sandy soils and soil less components. Seaweed is rich in trace elements (over 60) ensuring healthy plants.

    Titan Top Dress feeds lightly and will not produce excessive growth.

    Titan Top Dress will also help to accelerate the breakdown of compost into a rich loam.

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