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Arramara's Seaweed in Shrimp Feed

  • Now more than ever the world is looking for sustainable, renewable, and organic food sources in aquaculture.
  • Arramara seaweed is 100% organic and non-GMO.
  • From trials carried out using our seaweed meal, Arramara product is ideally suited as a supplement in aquaculture feed because our seaweed
  • 1. Is highly palatable.
    2. Is an excellent binder in aquaculture feed.
    3. Contains fucoidan, which is known to provide immunity against White Spot Disease. Provides viral & bacterial protection.
    4. Contains over 60 trace elements and nutrients.
    5. Shows growth rates comparable to conventional diets.
    6. Feed trials show no mortality in fish.
    7. Certain shrimp can be fed on 100% Ascophyllum meal diet.
    8. Other species of shrimp require a blend of Ascophyllum meal and other protein source.
    9. Storage - will stay fresh for years as long as it is stored in a dry place.

  • Arramara seaweed powder product (T60) has been used for a couple of seasons as an additive for Organic Farmed Salmon feed with very encouraging results.

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