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Arramara was founded in 1947 to utilise the large resource of seaweed available on the West Coast of Ireland. This area has many sheltered bays and inlets, where the risk of pollution is very low due to the absence of heavy industry, intensive farming, or busy shipping lanes. The Atlantic swell flushes out these bays and replenishes the stock of nutrients that act as feed for the seaweed plant.

Initially the seaweed was supplied to the alginate industry, but the increase in demand for seaweed meal in recent years has opened up markets in the agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture industries.

Arramara's production facility is based in Kilkieran, Connemara, Co.Galway. Arramara directly employs 25 people in the factory with another 250 harvesters working in the industry on a part time basis.

The type of seaweed used is Ascophyllum nodosum, which is commonly known in different geographic locations as either Rockweed, Knotted Wrack or Egg Wrack. It is brown seaweed which grows to about 3-4 ft in length.

Traditionally the main use of seaweed was as a fertiliser. This was documented in the film The Field and the famous quote from Bull McCabe.

"God made the world but seaweed made that field"


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